Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Support small businesses this year & shop handmade!

Here's a fun list of holiday gifts that are not only affordable but all made by small business owners! Below you'll find a mix of home goods that are great for this cozy time of year to jewelry that you can wear to that special holiday party. Remember, by supporting small businesses this holiday season, you're helping your local economy grow, keeping the art community alive and showing your appreciation for finely made items!

Small Business Gift Guid - 2017

1. Mounted Staghorn Fern from Hirts Gardens, $20 - This plant has been very popular this year and for good reason, it's beautiful when hung on a wall and adds a pop of greenery! Great for plant lovers.

2. Dashes & Moons Tea Towel from Jenny Pennywood, $24 -  Abstract and with simple colors, this towel would look super cute in anyone's kitchen.

3. Modern Circle Necklace from Black Crystals, $28 - A brass necklace perfect for dressing up or down!

4. Sun Stripes Mug from Clay Factor Ceramics $43 -  Who doesn't love a nice mug to drink hot chocolate from in the winter?

5. Marimo Ball Terrarium from Bliss Gardens Boutique $16 - This little terrarium will not only make a great conversation piece, but it's also extremely easy to care for.

6. Wiggles Black Basket from Fazeek Design $58 - While a basket may seem like an odd gift, it really does have countless uses, plant holder, storing blankets, etc, and makes for a nice decoration. 

7. Moon Calendar from Sun Pizza Moon $25 - This handmade lunar calendar makes for a  very interesting gift and once the year is over, the linen can be re-used!

8. Rectangle Circle Earrings from Black Crystals $26 -  While minimal, these earrings still make quite the statement on and add quite a bit of character to any outfit.

9. Sun + Glory Candle from Moorea Seal $22 - Red cedar-scented, this candle will be wonderful for the holidays and entertaining. 

10. Emerald Crystal Soap from Rock Hound Soap $6 - At first glance, it's hard to believe this magical handmade candle is not a real quartz crystal! Get this for any of your mineral loving friends.