Valentine's Gift Guide Under $50!

It's that time of year again, you know, when you have to resist going down that bright red aisle at the grocery store filled with endless Valentine's Day candy. Well, instead of getting the typical chocolate box, I've created a fun Valentine's gift guide that's budget friendly & perfect for your significant other, bestie, or just for treating yourself! 

Valentine's Day Gift Guide Under $50

1. Let's Stay Home Mug by Urban Earth Co., $18 - Maybe your idea of the perfect date night isn't about going out, but rather staying in and watching a good movie! This mug is great for those cozy nights with a nice cup of tea!

2. Geometric Quartz Crystal Necklace by Black Crystals, $34 - Minimal while still having a earthy side to it, this necklace is a lovely everyday piece for your special someone wear.

3. Nightshade Candle by P.F. Candle Co., $18 - This unisex candle features notes of black peppercorn and bergamot with hints of moss and lavender. 

4. Wildflower Seed Bomb Kit by Renaissance Botanical, $24 - With spring time just around the corner, these flower seed bombs make a excellent gift for anyone with a green thumb.

5. Marble Notebook by CalliCrafty, $12 - A pretty notebook that's perfect for those looking to get organized, or simply just love to doodle in their spare time!

6. Minimalist Bar Circle Earrings by Black Crystals, $28 - These modern beauties look great when dressed up or down. With gold-plated surgical steel ear wires, these are awesome for anyone with sensitive ears.

7. Himalayan Salt Lamp from Amazon, $30 - Providing a relaxing ambiance and beautiful glow, salt lamps are well liked by just about everyone!

8. Mini Geometric Planters Set by Happy Planters, $30 - For all of those who can't resist adorable "mini" things but also enjoy having some greenery around the house. 

9. Cinnamon Oatmeal Cookie Mix by Krista's Baking Co., $13 - Yum! This delicious cookie mix would make for a fun and romantic date night in at home. 

10. Better Halves Enamel Pin by Stay Home Club, $12 - How cute is this interlocking enamel pin set? This would be a wonderful  little gift for your bestie, or significant other while note breaking the bank.