Since I was young, I have greatly enjoyed painting, drawing & any other art forms I could get my hands on. While finishing up my B.A. in Anthropology at Arizona State University, I longed for a creative outlet to do in my free time. Making jewelry quickly became a stress relieving activity for me, and before I knew it, I became hooked! Little did I know that this "hobby", would turn into a rewarding, unique business that I couldn't be more happy to wake up and do everyday! 

    Each piece of jewelry I make is delicately created and truly unique. In some way or another, my jewelry designs are always inspired by my love for nature's beauty. I strive to create pieces that will bring a special confidence when worn and I can only hope my customers feel the same when they wear a piece of Black Crystals jewelry.

     I currently live in Portland, Oregon with my kitties & dog. In my free time, I enjoy going for long hikes in Oregon's beautiful forests and curling up to read a good sci-fi book.

Ashley Woods Black Crystals Jewelry